Monday, 27 October 2014

Initial research work

My current research project began with the creation of an interactive diversion as part of my exploration into the use of the games canvas to enhance communication and sharing of ideas.
This was in response to a call from Harriet Fink of The Curiovan, Funded by Arts Council England. Curiovan is curated around an imagined Victorian explorer's library packed with cabinets of collected curiosities and  tours the country showcasing its bizarre and eclectic wares to thousands of curious visitors.

Halloween Horrors at Holkham Hall - The Curiovan

In 2013 Curiovan asked artists to respond to the "beauty, brutality and complexity of nature" in whatever medium they wanted, in whatever way they wanted, as long as it fitted within the confines of a matchbox. 
I was inspired to send my interactive BugBox in answer to their call and it was selected to be included in the collection..

"Richard Wilson, who was nominated for a Turner Prize, chose his favourite 50 matchboxes. These include the swans-down shoes and daisy petal house of Sara Wicks, the Prince Bombas creation of Matt Falvey, the regal gold harlequin ladybird of Sophie Main and the Bug Box mini-computer game by Bev Bush. (edp24, 2014)

This is just the beginning of my study and I intend to play with the possibilities and see where they lead. I have begun my research by exploring childhood memories. As a child I loved the shore and enjoyed collecting bugs, tadpoles, wild flowers etc.
I created the App shown in the film below as an exploration of what can be achieved with visual programming. It’s called the ‘Bugbox’.
This film was part of my presentation at Edge Hill University CAKE conference, July 2014.
The conference aimed to nurture long-term relationships between UK and Chinese animation industries and education sectors.

Play the game here.

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