Monday, 27 October 2014

Thinking Inside the Box

How can we use the contained space of the games canvas to share places of the past and depict their present value in new ways.


This project seeks to acknowledge ideas and objects which may otherwise be lost and forgotten. To aid exploration and reflection of the fabric of chosen places through expressive and playful interactive experiences, aiming to capture and interpret moments in time as they have evolved. Through practical experimentation this could lead to ways of initiating and developing communal projects or research activities by encouraging discussion and reflection and offer new ways of understanding certain places.
To gain insight into memory from another perspective, I chose to interview my father about his memories, and the objects that inspired him to tell the stories of his past and create a digital interpretation of this exercise.
The resulting film and interactive exercise was part of my presentation at Edge Hill University CAKE festival.
Play here.
Click on the image below to play.
To open the box, drag the matchbox lid to the left from the bottom left corner.

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