Monday, 17 November 2014

A photographic reference of the Coast

As part of my study of our local shoreline I walk on the beach every few days to observe the flotsam and organic matter washed ashore and changes in textures on the sand.
The transcience of the place is very apparent as the weather, tides, light and time of day all play a part in the general ambience of the place.
This is layered with sounds and interaction from wildlife, vehicles, industrial activity and that of the general public.
Some of the scattered debris is historic, travelling in and out with the tide and abiding on the coastline for long enough to have become smoothed and ground down.
Some objects are freshly swept up and others are seasonal, only appearing at certain times of year.

With each visit I have recorded the textures and atmosphere of the place photographically and have gathered some of these images in a book which I have self-published, named 'The Fabric of the Coast'.
This is just a small selection from a vast collection of photos I have taken during the project.
The book can be seen on-line here.

Below are some of the images from the book.

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