Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Depicting the coast in Watercolour - Pattern.

The natural starting point for me in depicting the coast, is in watercolour.
Rich fluid hues that gently merge in translucent layers on the surface are so reminiscent of the experience of the shore with it's layered elements of waves, clouds, wind, colour, texture and light.

For the 'Fabric of the Coast' I painted many images with these certain elements in focus.

The following studies focus on Pattern.
I enjoyed observing the jewel-like stones and pebbles that were mainly bricks and mortar from the wreckage of old red brick buildings that have been eroded by the sea at Crosby.
I also noticed the abstract patterns formed by the waves of sand, overlaid with shells, seaweed, feathers and stone and the patterns formed by the footprints of sea birds.


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