Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mixing artwork up with the landscape that inspired it!

This watercolour study is layered in silk over the coastal landscape to express movement caused by
the breeze and to depict the transience and ambience of the space, capturing sounds and activity
intermingled with colours and pattern.
This is done in conjunction with The Atkinson's Sefton-wide 'Chorus of the Coast' arts project,
designed and co-ordinated by Danielle Clark, the Atkinson’s Community Officer.
The project explores the environment, sounds and images of the coastline from Crosby to Southport.
The activities organised by The Atkinson include artist-led walks, workshops, environmental art
sessions and the creation of Chorus of the Coast, a sound art composition written by
Composer, Eve Harrison and performed by local schools and community groups.
Watercolours were printed on silk and filmed - mixed into the landscape by suspending them in
layers in the coastal location, to integrate them with the sounds, light and movement of the place.
Click on the images below to see footage of this particular painting.

For a selection of my films for Fabric of the Coast go to Vimeo 

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