Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Kite Project WIP

Along the Sefton shoreline the textures and surface change constantly with tide, time, weather and season. This gives such a rich source of inspiration and observation and the depiction of light, pattern and tone all play a part in the landscape.
I created this interactive landscape to depict the layers of translucent tones on the coast. I love the ebb of the tide and movement of the clouds.

To test and PLAY click this LINK .

A Kite Bird....
Making circles in the air, strung to a string and
battered by the breeze,

Buzzed and flipped aside by beetle drones and butterflies.
Flirting with the sea that rolls in from the distant windmills
as a ship steals slowly by on the edge of the sky.
For more imagery see: LINK to printed journal.

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