Sunday, 24 July 2016

Backdrop paintings for 'The Rumour Mill' animated short film.


During the summer vacation period I am taking the opportunity to work on backdrop paintings and set creation for 'The Rumour Mill Film' which is  currently in the making at John Smedley's Mill, directed by award winning animation director, Bexie Bush and produced by BAFTA winner, Chris Hees.
The film is made as part of a much wider and bigger research project called Stories of Change which is asking questions about the past, present and future of energy and community through a variety of narrative media.
Dr. Joe Smith of the Open University is heading the project.

The Rumour Mill is part of the 'Futureworks' energy project which is focused around the Derwent Valley under the leadership of Renata Tyszczuk and Julia Udall from the Dept. of Architecture at Sheffield University.

The Rumour Mill' aims to ignite public interest in a debate around the future of energy. The trees surrounding the mill cloak the hills in an abundance of foliage that rolls down to the river, the life source of the town.'

The Main Set BackCloth painting - Daytime

The Main Set BackCloth painting - Night-time

The woodland around the Mill marks patterns on the hillside and pale blossom forms soft clouds of petals that contrast against the spiky dark fingers of the trees branches.


The Mill stands amidst a family of hills, all populated with a variety of English trees that line up and mark changing patterns and palettes in the landscape as the different seasons take hold.

As part of a bigger project to encourage discussion about the future of energy, the mill trees stand in floral rows, pumping their woodland scent into the summer air.

The trees that surround the Mill are varied in shape and stretch their feathery branches upwards to the light, forming patterns in a wave of browns and burgundy.

By Autumn time the hills are rolling with umbers and browns, russet and burnt sienna pigments, lighting up the valley and adding a golden feel to the landscape.