Friday, 15 September 2017

The backcloth for the Rumour Mill Film is secured in place behind the main Rumour Mill set.
John Smedley's Mill sits in the valley like a sweet bird, resplendent in her nest. The autumn colours reflect the season when I first saw the area and the beautiful trees in the valley surrounding the mill.

The backcloth is following the concept by Director, Bexie Bush to echo the one point perspective and  two dimensional detail of the iconic shots from Wes Anderson films.

My approach as an artist is to draw inspiration from British watercolour artists of the post war period. Looking at the British countryside at a time when roads were quiet and harvests were abundant in both field and factory.
I enjoyed inspiration from artists such as John Nash, Eric Ravilious, Samuel Palmer, and S.R. Badmin. These artists were working at a time when Britain was still manufacturing and exporting a wealth of products.
'In 1950, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the UK accounted for more than 10% of global exports, yet by 2009 that share had declined to just under 3%.' (Ernst and Young)

The work of S.R. Badmin and his detailed illustrations of British rural landscapes in the Puffin book series was a particular inspiration to me in the planning and design of the woodland backcloth.

Art development of the Main backcloth for The Rumour Mill Film
daytime and night time.