Friday, 15 September 2017

The backcloth for the Rumour Mill Film is secured in place behind the main Rumour Mill set.
John Smedley's Mill sits in the valley like a sweet bird, resplendent in her nest. The autumn colours reflect the season when I first saw the area and the beautiful trees in the valley surrounding the mill.

The backcloth is following the concept by Director, Bexie Bush to echo the one point perspective and  two dimensional detail of the iconic shots from Wes Anderson films.

My approach as an artist is to draw inspiration from British watercolour artists of the post war period. Looking at the British countryside at a time when roads were quiet and harvests were abundant in both field and factory.
I enjoyed inspiration from artists such as John Nash, Eric Ravilious, Samuel Palmer, and S.R. Badmin. These artists were working at a time when Britain was still manufacturing and exporting a wealth of products.
'In 1950, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the UK accounted for more than 10% of global exports, yet by 2009 that share had declined to just under 3%.' (Ernst and Young)

The work of S.R. Badmin and his detailed illustrations of British rural landscapes in the Puffin book series was a particular inspiration to me in the planning and design of the woodland backcloth.

Art development of the Main backcloth for The Rumour Mill Film
daytime and night time.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Backdrop painting to printed backloth!

The background of trees for the Main Building of the Rumour Mill was sent off to Optimum Signs Printers in Leyland, Preston to be re-created as a 12ft x 8ft acrylic banner to be used as a backcloth.
The banner has eyelets around the rim which must now be secured to a large frame for filming purposes.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Rumour Mill Film backcloth art

As part of the Rumour Mill Film, Bexie Bush has invited me to produce backcloth art to be used behind the sets during filming to capture the feel of the surrounding environment.

Many of the pieces can be seen in the image link below in a book that records the first year of
pre-production work.

See the pages of the book below.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Night time woodland backdrops.

The Rumour Mill Film required a woodland backdrop by night. The same view of the hilside covered in trees but with a night time palette.
Here are some images taken of the artwork.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

One task I needed to complete for the Rumour Mill film was the concept art for the main set building of the Mill.
This was to be used as a design guide for the set building process and the original painting would also be framed and sent to our Executive Producer.

I studied the architectural features and colour palette of the Mill as part of my research.

I also studied the work of Wes Anderson, particularly 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'
as Bexie Bush, the Director of the film was inspired by his work and enjoyed the one point perspective that is his trade mark.

In addition to this, I studied the work of Stanley Roy Badmin, who was originally an etcher but turned to watercolour Painting in the 1930's. He has depicted many typically english scenes and landscapes and I admire the detail of his trees and woodland paintings.
I found myself collecting quite a few of his paperback picture books.

I began work on the Main Building which will also feature my autumn woodland backdrop in the set, so I included a version of that in the concept art.

 I was able to use the silhouette of the actual set as a starting point for the concept art
and added detail.

I then needed to paint a second version of the painting but this time set in the wintertime.
Here it is! Countdown to Christmas with the Rumour Mill Film!
Not to mention the new Christmas card which I completed of the main set for the Rumour Mill, complete with snow.

Complete with an Advent calendar full of Christmas puns which is shared each day on Facebook and Twitter, with a different feature from the film ....and a Christmas joke :)

You can buy Christmas cards and help raise money for the film at the same time HERE.