Monday, 27 October 2014

Thinking about the Fabric of a Place

I am interested in making paintings/drawings associated with the places of my childhood and I began by using the coastline where I grew up as a site for investigation.
In the 'Fabric of the Coast,' I aim to depict something new or change the accepted understanding of the Sefton coastline through conversation with diverse groups and through the creative expression of ideas.


I’m currently working in conjunction with The Atkinson, Southport, on a Sefton-wide arts project that explores the environment, sounds and images of the coastline from Crosby to Southport. The activities organised by The Atkinson include artist-led walks, workshops, environmental art sessions and the creation of ‘Chorus of the Coast’, a sound art composition written and performed by local schools and community groups.
I’m preparing a showcase of watercolour sketches which depict our shoreline, aiming to inspire a series of pattern designs to form the ‘Fabric of the Coast’ which can be presented in a playful digital format. This draws upon my experience of the coast during my childhood where I revisit the flora, fauna and the changing mood of the area.

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